Yusef "Hunter" Makepeace (Deceased)

A ranger afraid of the woods, drinking to forget the past


Yusef “Hunter” Makepeace was a fine guide/tracker for hire that was more at home in the wilderness than in even a small isolated village such as Red Springs.

Yusef learned everything from his father, Hebediah, before he disappeared into the wilderness never to be seen again a few years ago. Most of the villagers assumed Hebediah fled the numerous claims of paternity floating about the community, but Yusef has always felt it was something more sinister.

At the time Yusef was more distracted with his blossoming relationship with a local girl named Vanessa. The relationship lasted nearly a year, resulting in engagement, but the wedding was to never take place as Vanessa disappeared in the woods while picking wild flowers on the morning that she was to be married.

A thorough search of the area by Yusef revealed nothing more than a bloody scrap of cloth thought to be a remnant of Vanessa’s frock. That was seasons ago, and Yusef hasn’t been in the woods since having spent all his time in his small rented room or drinking away his memories and dreams at the local tavern.

Having spent the last of a moderate savings, Yusef is close to selling off the last of his possessions in order to continue to avoid reality.

Yusef "Hunter" Makepeace (Deceased)

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