Oeli Ironsapper

  • Oeli is Magda’ uncle on her mother Kathra’s side. Oeli and Magda’s father Gilgeg never got along, but he won’t go into further detail. If pressed he will say that he hasn’t seen Gilgeg since Kathra died and didn’t even see him when he dropped Magda off in Red Springs when she was but a child.
  • Oeli believes that the recent events are tied to the events of the past.

    o Years back, Oeli and Kathra were adventurers seeking fortune and glory.

    o Shortly after Kathra gave birth to Magda, they set out on the path to adventure. Their path took them to the human city of Oranholme (home to Duchess Nemeia Oranis one of the kingdom’s ruling council).

    o Oeli and the rest of the group swore on pain of death an oath of secrecy to the Duchess but in light of what has happened Oeli feels that the party needs to know.

    o Oeli and Kathra were hired by an agent of the Duchess and teamed up with a human ranger, Yusef’s father Hebediah, and an elven cleric by the name of Lucan both of whom hailed from the Red Springs area. Hebediah from Red Springs proper and Lucan from the forest to the south.

    o The group was hired to track down a platinum scepter that was stolen from the ducal vault.

    o Oeli does not know what the significance of the scepter but he suspects that it may have been the property of the long dead king who ruled the land long ago, before the rise of the empire two hundred years ago.

    o The scepter had five sockets for gems; however, there were no gems in the scepter. It was also devoid of any other ornamentation; however, Oeli swears that once out of the corner of his eye he saw writing engraved into the handle.

    o After months of searching the group tracked the thieves to an abandoned-burned out imperial era keep near the boarder of the forest and the Cliffs.

    o Beneath the ruins, the cellar and dungeons had been converted to a temple to the dark god Vecna. The scene in the temple was grotesque and beyond comprehension.

    o After a climatic battle against the cult’s leader, they obtained the scepter and made their way toward Oranholme to return the scepter.

    o After they contacted the agent who hired them, the group was ambushed by cultists seeking to reclaim the scepter. The cultists did not reclaim the scepter; however, Kathra was killed in the battle.

    o The agent was a dragonborn that went by the codename of Black Briar. Oeli never saw Black Briar’s face as it was always concealed as was Black Briar’s form so he does not know if Black Briar is a male or female.

    o They would make contact with Black Briar by going to the Ducal Archives and lighting a black candle at the shrine to Ioun.

    o After returning the scepter, the group split up. Oeli returned to the clan home with his sister’s corpse. Staying briefly before heading out again before eventually settling in Red Springs as it is out of the way and largely ignored by the rest of the world.

    o When he arrived in Red Springs, Oeli meet with Hebediah and they both agreed that it would be best if they didn’t openly associate with each other beyond casual polite conversation; however, occasionally they would meet in secret to reminisce on their adventures together.

    o Three years ago, both Hebediah and Oeli experienced vivid nightmarish visions of the temple to Vecna and felt an anxious presence pulling at them. Shortly after the vision, Hebediah left Red Springs never to be seen again.

Oeli Ironsapper

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