Talisman of the Seasons & Cup of Renewal


Talisman of the Seasons

This eight-pointed star of hammered platinum hangs on a chain of gold and pearls. Each point of the star is tipped with a diamond, and elaborate patterns of gold inlay cover its surface, the right half of the talisman is inlayed to resemble a snow flake while the left is inlayed to resemble the sun.

Implement (Holy Symbol)

Enhancement: +3 attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +3d6 damage per plus

Property: Whenever you make a Heal check, you can roll twice and use either result.

Property: Whenever you use a healing power on an ally, that ally regains 1d10 additional hit points.

Power (Daily * Healing): Free Action. Trigger: You reduce an enemy to 0 hit points with an attack power using this holy symbol. Effect: You or one ally within 5 squares of you gains regeneration 5 until the end of the encounter

Cup of Renewal

Twelve great gems form a ring around the rim of this large gold chalice, which requires two hands to carry. The chalice glows with a faint golden light.

Wondrous Item

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You drink from the chalice and make an Endurance check against a disease affecting you, using the disease’s improve DC. If you succeed, you’re cured. If you fail, the disease doesn’t get any worse while it affects you.

Power (Daily * Healing): Using this power takes 10 minutes. By filling the Cup with water, you can create a potion of renewal. If you use the Cup together with the Talisman of the Seasons, you can instead create up to three potions Renewal. A potion created in this way reverts to plain water if it isn’t consumed within 24 hours.

Potion of Renewal

This golden liquid contains great healing magic.

Power (Consumable * Healing): Minor Action. Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 30 hit points and make a saving throw. If you have no healing surges when you drink this potion, you instead gain 15 temporary hit points.


Starting Score: 5

Owner gains a level: +1d10

Owner is devoted to Pelor or the Raven Queen: +1

Owner reunites the Cup and Talisman: +2

Owner completes a quest for worshipers of Pelor or the Raven Queen: +1

Owner uses the Cup or Talisman for profit: -2

Owner is attacked as a result of owning the item: -2

An ally or innocent dies in the owner’s presence (max 1/day): -2

Pleased (16-20)

The Talisman’s enhancement bonus increases to +4

Talisman Critical: +4d6 per plus

Talisman Power: (At-Will * Healing): Minor Action, 1/round. One Ally you can see can spend a healing surge.

Cup Power: (Daily * Healing): Standard Action. You choose a creature or portion of a creature within 5 squares of you that died less than 5 minutes ago, that creature returns to life and regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge.

Satisfied (12-15)

Talisman Property: Whenever you use a healing power on an ally, that ally regains 2d10 additional hit points.

Cup Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You start to perform the Raise Dead ritual. Effect: You use the Cup and perform the ritual with no component cost. The raised creature doesn’t take a -1 death penalty.

Normal (5-11)
Unsatisfied (1-4)

Special: You gain no benefit from drinking a potion of renewal.

Property: Whenever you heal an ally and that ally regains additional hit points through the Talisman, each enemy within 3 squares of the ally also regains hit points equal to the additional hip points.

Angered (0 or Lower)

Property: Whenever you spend a healing surge or use a healing power, you reduce the hit points regained by 1d10 (to a minimum of 1 hit point regained). This effect applies even if you’re only carrying the Talisman.


Cup and Talisman Lore

The Cup and Talisman are divine relics with great healing powers. Legend tells that they were wedding gifts to the ancient mortals that ascended to godhood as Pelor and the Raven Queen.

After the king and queen ascended their followers used the items to care for the wounded and sick; however, over the years the two churches quarreled over ownership of the relics until at the height of the conflict over the artifacts, they disappeared. Surfacing again years later in times and areas of great strife and disappearing when factions begin to quarrel over the relics.

Talisman of the Seasons & Cup of Renewal

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