Red Springs

Village of Red Springs, Dutchy of Oran:

Population ~1200 including those who live on outlying farms

Government Hereditary Lordship

Ruler Lord Meron Tarmikos

Races 68% Human, 10% Dwarf, 10% Halfling, 10% Half-Elf, 2% Elf

The town is named after the natural springs that bubble up from the ground which have a slightly red color. The folk of Red Springs are a hardy lot, when a plague sweeps across the lands the folk of Red Springs often escape the worst of it. The sages believe that the water may play a part in this hardiness. Despite the distinct advantages of having a near surefire bulwark against the ravages of a plague, Red Springs remains a remote settlement on the eastern edge of the land.

Founded as a fortified defensive position, the walled village sits on a rise that over looks a great plain of tall grasses stretches beyond knowledge to the north while to the east lies a great and stormy sea. No more than a day and a half ride to the south sits a great and ancient forest, home to a tribe of elves.

After the Great War and the collapse of the empire years ago a short lived age of peace, prosperity, and stability began as former vassal states rebuilt after the withdrawal of imperial troops and bureaucrats. However, times have changed in the recent months as darkness has crept back into the world and reports of travel through the wilds becoming increasingly dangerous have reached Red Springs. Thanking the gods that, as usual, the events of the wide world have overlooked Red Springs the folk have continued about their business as usual.

Government Hereditary lordship, Lord Meron Tarmikos and Lady Krisatra Tarmikos. The couple is in their late 40’s and have five children. From oldest to youngest are Adrian, Bianca, Rosaline, Elias and Emilia. The eldest son, Adrian, and eldest daughter, Bianca, are 16 and 15 respectively and are away at court. Rosaline, 13, received the calling of Erathis and is studying at the kingdom’s main temple in the capital city. The twins Elias and Emilia, 8, remain in Red Springs with their parents.

Defenses Created as a fort to overlook the bay and river leading into the mainland, the central district of Red Springs is defended by a stone wall. Much of the original fort has given way to the village’s central square and open air market.

With the withdrawal of the imperial troops, only a small force of 14 trained soldiers, commanded by Marshal Leoril Urthdar, is attached to the village. The soldiers also serve as the town’s constabulary. In times of dire need, Red Springs can summon a militia force of 250.

Trade Red Springs is able to generate enough in the way of crops, livestock and fish from the sea to be largely self sustaining. Farmers and fishermen are able to export some of the food to settlements up river. In exchange, the village does rely upon trade with those villages, towns and cities for ore and other resources not available in the area.

The lumber for the village is primarily obtained from the forest to the south. Long ago, the first Lord Tarmikos rode to the edge of the forest and brokered a treaty with the elves who reside there to obtain wood from the forest. Shipments of wood and occasionally meat and furs arrive once every tenday on the fifth or sixth day.

Key Locations

Temple to the Gods – Located on the main square in the old fort the Temple houses multiple shrines. The shrine to Erathis, the patron deity of the Tarmikos Family, is featured most prominently; however, Avandra, Bahamut, Melora, Pelor and the Raven Queen are also represented.

The Sea Lion Alehouse – Located near the sea shore, the Sea Lion is Red Spring’s largest tavern. The Sea Lion has a large taproom and kitchen but only four guest rooms. The owner and proprietor of the Sea Lion is a grizzled old dwarf, Oeli Ironsapper. Not much is known about Oeli before he came to Red Springs twenty years ago. When the past is brought up he gruffly will direct the conversation in a different direction or end it.

Since coming to Red Springs, Oeli has owned and operated the Sea Lion (which he won in a game of chance from the previous owner) in addition to the village’s principal stables where he also serves as a farrier (a specialist in equine hoof care).

The Jovial Dragon – Located between the docks and the old fort, the large building dates back to the founding of the village and in fact was the first building to be built after the fort was finished. At one time or another, the building has served as the residence of the Tarmikos family, the village’s governmental building, and jail house.

After countless renovations, the building now serves as the village’s only inn and also functions a restaurant and tavern. The fare at the Jovial Dragon is more expensive and fancier than that which is served at the Sea Lion. The Dragon is owned and operated by Jorinth Hayworth, the head of one of the original families to settle at Red Springs.

The Bathhouse – Heated by natural forces, the bathhouse is the pride and namesake of Red Springs. It is here where the springs that come from deep below are found. The water has a reddish hue to it and is naturally warm. The baths are open to all residents of the village and out lying farms. Visitors can purchase entrance at the rate of 5 silver pieces a day.

Red Springs

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